DryMax Combimat (Absorbent Mat)

The DryMax Combimat is a hygienic single-use mat which has been developed to create a drier working environment for Gynaecologists and Urologists. It is also ideal for use in other departments - including scrub areas.

This large DryMax Combimat is designed to absorb washing fluid, urine and blood and comprises of two areas:

  1. The white absorbent area is safe to stand on and is suitable for placing under a stool. An anti-skid/barrier layer keeps the mat in place and prevents fluids from going through, thereby minimising the risk of wet and slippery floors. This part of the mat will abosrb any kind of liquid (including motor oil).
  2. The green superabsorbent area has a very high absorbency capacity, binding water-based fluids and bacteria - keeping them from leaking out.

As the DryMax combimat easily folds, it can be used to protect shoes, floors and other areas.


How much does the DryMax Combimat absorb?

  • 15 litres of tap water
  • 7 litres of 0.9% saline solution


Features of the DryMax Combimat:

  • Hygienic.
  • Single-use.
  • Includes an absorbent area, plus a superabsorbent area.
  • Designed to absorb washing fluid, urine and blood. Will also absorb other fluids.
  • Arrives folded. Easy to fold once used.
  • Ideal for use around scrub sinks.
  • Also ideal for Gynaecologists and Urologists using stools.
  • Absorbs up to 15 litres.
  • Reduces time and money spent on cleaning.
  • Includes an anti-skid/barrier layer to keep mat in place and prevent fluid going through, which minimizes the risk of wet and slippery floors.


Product Code: CT0406 (Box of 30)

See also DryMax XL.

DryMax Combimat

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