Chemical Spill Kits 5 litre, 3 litre & 1 litre

Deal with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident.

Our chemical spill kits are available in 1, 3 or 5 litre formats, and ensure you and your staff are always ready to deal with an emergency. In the event of a spill, your department can continue to function smoothly and your staff will be kept safe.

Cairn Technology Chemical Spill Kits:

  • are highly visible, compact and easily portable
  • are simple to use, with full instructions provided
  • include personal protective equipment, T-mop technology and waste disposal bags

Product Codes:
CT0571 (1 litre)
CT0573 (3 litre)
CT0575 (5 litre)

See also chemical spill base station and chemical spill fast response case.

Chemical Spill Kit Testimonials


Hospital Chemicals Training Course

In addition to our chemical spill kits, we also provide training in handling chemical spills and how to use the kits. Our 'Hospital Chemicals Training Course has been developed for hospital staff in conjunction with major Trusts in England and Wales and includes guidance from professionals with firsthand experience in the handling of hazardous chemicals. More info

Chemical Spill Kit

To get a spill kit into your department,
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